Recycling plant

Recycling plant

Going Global from Toyama

Our machine will separate and shred wasted materials such as: optical cables, plastic, tire rubber, paper core and auto parts.

Our purpose is to create a recycling-based society to conserve the global environment. To do this effectively, we should start by turning waste into something useful or redusing the wasted materials by sorting. With our work history, we can offer a more effective plant.


Our machine can smoothly handle materials that other machines would easily become entangled during processing. Before now, it was very difficult for machines to differientiate between materials when they were all in a mixture. Our machine easily separates diverse materials into individual units. We also have space in mind so our machine has a very compact size.

The durability of the blade is 3X stronger than our old one. This is because of our own original design and quality of the blade. This blade is replaceable, saving you on maintanence costs.

The screen is also easily replaced. Anyone can easily change the size of the materials being shredded.

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